Travel Information





Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) is located 50 KMs away from the venue. It would take 45-60 minutes to move between the airport and the venue. For more information, please refer to the airport website at


Airport Transportation


Airport Taxi - To travel from the airport to the venue via taxi, you are strongly encouraged to use this option. The ride from the airport to the venue is JOD 22.00 (around USD 31.00) to be paid in Jordanian Dinars (JOD). There is a small booth right outside the arrival hall from which an officer will hand you a receipt, and your driver will take you to the car. You pay the fee to the taxi driver upon arrival at your destination in Amman and NOT to the booth officer.

Please note that the airport taxi runs from the airport to anywhere within Jordan ONLY. You cannot board such a taxi back to the airport.


Saraya Bus - This service runs every 30 minutes between 08.00 AM – 00.00 AM, and once every 1 hour outside of these hours. The fee is JOD 3.50 (around USD 5.00) to be paid to the officer standing right outside of the bus. He should hand you a receipt upon payment. The bus stops at Amman Main Bus Station. Once you get down at the station, you can take a normal taxi to the venue. The taxi ride should last 10-15 minutes, and would cost around JOD 2.00 (around USD 3.00).

These buses run in both directions (from the airport to Amman and vice-versa). The bus also departs Amman to the Airport from the same location it drops passengers off in Amman.


Transportation within the City


Normal Yellow Taxi – These taxis are painted yellow, and can be stopped anywhere within the city. They have a green sticker on the side right on the front door as every other city has different color stickers. All these taxis run a meter, and the starting fee is JOD 0.25.


Special Taxi (Al-Momayaz Taxi) – These taxis are grey color, and are usually booked over the phone, or have stops at certain places such as malls and hotels. You can sometimes stop these taxis anywhere from within Amman, though. These taxis run on a meter, too, but there starting fee is JOD 1.00.


NOTE: Whether a Normal Yellow Taxi or a Special Taxi, you can use any of these to travel to the airport. Nevertheless, they would never use the meter, but rather you will have to negotiate the price with the driver in advance. JOD 20 – 25 (around USD 30 - 35) is a reasonable price to travel from anywhere within Amman to the Airport. You can pay the taxi driver upon drop-off at the airport, and payment is made in JOD.



The weather is usually warm during the month of March in Amman. Nevertheless, the weather has been unpredictable in Amman the past couple of years, and so it is advised to bring along a light sleeved sweater and a light jacket.



The official currency in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). 1 JOD is equivalent to USD 1.41, or put differently; 1 USD = 0.708 JOD. The exchange rate between USD and JOD has been fixed for many years now, and so travelers are strongly encouraged to bring along with them USD. Euro is another option, but tends to fluctuate.

Exchange booths at the airport would impose a small exchange fee, but this is not the case if the exchange is made in Amman. Also, the JOD is the only widely used currency in Jordan. Conversion information can be found online at



Electricity is 220 - 240 V, 50 HZ. Widely used plug types include “Type C” and “Type G”. Please refer to the web-link at for more information on these socket types.


Local Time

During the forum in the month of March, Jordan’s time zone is UTC+2.00. Jordan switches to day-light savings on March 27, 2015 where the time zone becomes UTC+3.00.


Emergency Numbers

  • Paramedics and Civil Defense -- 199

  • Rescue Police Operation – 191

  • Tourist Police Department – 196

  • Traffic Department -- 190


Official Language

The official language in Jordan is Arabic. English is widely used by most of the population; mainly in the capital city Amman.


Calling Code

Jordan’s calling code is 962. In order to make any international calls, please dial “+(country code)(phone number)”.


Mobile Operators

Jordan has three mobile operators:

All three operators provide top quality services. 3G is widely used in Jordan.


Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely used in Jordan, and all kinds of cards should work; i.e. Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Amex), Visa Electron, and others. Nevertheless, carrying some cash is strongly recommended as Credit Cards cannot be used at some places or might not work such as taxis, buses, and some restaurants.



The official weekend days are Friday and Saturday.